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Ab Hof können wir derzeit – wie immer - nur gegen Anmeldung verkaufen, wir verschicken sehr gerne in 6er, 12er und 18er Einheiten.

Stöbert gerne durch unseren NEUEN ONLINE-SHOP mit einigen tollen PAKETANGEBOTEN und Spezialitäten unserer VINOTHEK RESERVEN!


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Our family’s vineyards span the entire Mittelburgenland. The winery as well as the greater part of the acreage is in Neckenmarkt, where the vineyards are part of the Ödenburger Range adjacent to the Hungarian border. Being the outermost section of the Alps, this range shows a great diversity from a geological point of view. North of Neckenmarkt, at an altitude of 450 MASL, mica-schist and orthogneiss are the main components in the soil, whereas shell-limestone is dominant in the west. The typical loamy soil of the Mittelburgenland is predominant in the lower sites at an altitude of 200 MASL, and can even emerge as heavy clay in Horitschon.

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Family traditions

Family traditions

Because our winery has been family-owned for many generations, we feel obliged to preserve our heritage and value our traditions. In our opinion, wine is a cultural good, produced with great respect and prudence, always carrying the winemaker’s signature, which following generations should not alter.

Stand up to your traditions and do not undermine them.

More than 50 years ago, we bottled the first Blaufränkisch, an autochthonous and unique wine with a precise and independent character. Up until this day, we are still following the same path, committing ourselves with great passion and enthusiasm to the varietal of Blaufränkisch.

Our way of thinking

Our way of thinking

It is our vineyards, the soil, and the climate, that make up our wine. We believe that neither intervention in nature nor the work in the wine cellar should influence the character of the wine. The less we interfere, the more we can find the imprint of the diverse terroirs in the wines. We do not deliberately intend to create a wine. We allow the wine to naturally develop and emerge to its own destined style. The vintages vary, as do the different varietals, soils, and numerous little features, that later are delicately showcased in the wine. When the grape develops naturally, you will notice it in the wine. Any manipulative treatment leads to falsification, turning the wine into a uniform and commercialized consumer product, easily replaced or copied.


Our work

Our work

We consider it vital that we are personally present during every single step of the wine making process, carrying out the tasks ourselves in order to ensure particular caution at each stage. Throughout our history, we have continued to grow, and in the meantime cultivate vineyards spread out all over the Mittelburgenland from Neckenmarkt to Horitschon, Unterpetersdorf and Raiding. Each site and each soil has its own autochthone and unique profile. We see it as our task to value these differences and to let the wines express their specific terroir. That is also why we do everything ourselves and buy neither grapes nor wine. We guarantee that only wine from grapes grown and cultivated by us will carry the name Wellanschitz!

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Weingut Wellanschitz

Wir tanzen im Frühling,
zum einen, weil wir uns über jeden Tropfen für unsere Reben freuen,
zum anderen, weil der Punkteregen von A la Carte ein Grund zum Feiern ist.

Sonnensteig 2017 und Well 2018 sind A la Carte Sieger 2021 in der Blaufränkisch Wertung.

Aktuell auch im Online Shop erhältlich!





50 years ago we bottled our first Blaufränkisch and named the wine „Neckenmarkter Fahnenschwinger“ due to a long tradition in our village. The „Fahnenschwingen“ is held at Fronleichnam every year and goes back to the „battle of Lackenbach“ in 1620. More information: Schlacht zu Lackenbach





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